The Group was founded in 1995, specialising in the procurement and distribution of polythene bags, sheet, film and other related products in the UK in particular.

Towards the end of 1997, the Group realised the need for, and worldwide market potential of, plastic which could be made biodegradable. Symphony started to market biodegradable plastics under licence.

In August 2000, shares in the Company were first publicly traded following admission to the Ofex market. In November 2001, its shares were admitted to the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange, with an open offer of shares to the public. In 2008 ADRs in Symphony's shares became available in the US through the Bank of New York. In June 2003, Symphony developed its own additive which has since then been sold under the "d2w®" trademark.

In April 2007 there was a major re-organisation of the management structure, and the number of Distributors worldwide was increased from 7 to over 50 today.

In April 2008 a consortium of companies, of which Symphony Energy Ltd is the lead partner, was awarded a UK Government grant for research and development in the area of high value manufacturing relating to a rubber product enhanced recovery technology project, the "RµPERT" project. The project is programmed to last three years, with the aim to commercialise as soon as practicable.

In August 2009, Symphony launched d2p antimicrobial technology. This is applied within the plastics manufacturing process similarly to d2w. The markets for d2p are also similar to d2w.